Posted by: marthabernie | October 7, 2015


001bThis is a small image that has the following written on the reverse side:  “Easter Compliments of Your Sunday School Teacher, Apr. 18, 1897”.  She was probably the Sunday School teacher of my great aunt’s children, Ethyl, Ednah, Oscar and (at the time still living) Raymond Forkner.  Look at all that lace on her dress and the veil on the hat.


  1. A beautiful woman. The clothing looks expensive.

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    • The ladies always seemed to put on their very best when having their photograph taken, but she does look a little more “well-to-do” than most!

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  2. May be at that time being clicked was a rare occasion, Women must be giving their best looks for the shots, Loved her hat and those puffed sleeves!


    • I agree, they got dressed up in their very finest to have their photos taken.

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  3. Such restrictive clothing, but nice photo all the same 🙂


  4. Love her hat!


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