Posted by: marthabernie | October 14, 2015


scan0222aFound another clue to the mystery photos of “Velma” and her family.  I had thought she might have been from the Daniels family, but never knew exactly what the Daniels connection was…still not sure but here is a photo which has the following on reverse side:  “Frank Daniels and Velma’s 2 girls, Darlene and Charlotte.  Taken on the steps of Frank’s home on his farm near Niangua, MO.  June, 1946.  Frank looks a lot like Uncle Allen F.”  There was an Uncle Allen Forkner, so I assume a Forkner woman married into the Daniels family, and that Frank came along as a result.  Also explains all the photos of the Daniels girls with Aunt Annie’s daughters…they were cousins on their father’s side.  He was Leonidas Olander Forkner, and Aunt Annie married in in 1886, divorcing him in 1918.  Anyway, I think Velma might have been Frank’s sister, and the girls above his nieces.

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