Posted by: marthabernie | November 2, 2015


scan0073cThis is my mother’s older sister, Marguerite.  She was born November 2, 1910, and everyone in the family thought her given names were Marguerite Frances.  However, when she needed a copy of her birth certificate well into adulthood, it turned out she had an additional name….Marguerite Lydia Frances Shank.  She was named after both grandmothers…Lydia Margaret Massie Shank and Rebecca Frances Smith McMenus.  Of all my mother’s sisters, I was closest to Marge.  Her daughter, Judy Carol, was like a sister to me as we advanced in years.  I miss them both.  Today is the 105th anniversary of Marge’s birth.


  1. happy bday Aunt Marge 😉


  2. My mother, Helen Frankeberger Sparks (100 yrs. old) grew up in Pburg. and was in the same class with Anna Shank. She said knew Virgil and Marguerite. She said Anna was named after an Aunt who was a chiropractor (or something of that sort).


    • Yes, my mother talked about Helen Frankeberger. She may be in the photos of the Union School kids on this site. Glad you found it!


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