Posted by: marthabernie | November 4, 2015

73rd Anniversary of Richard Marlin’s Birth

Richard Marlin hunting MissouriMy older brother Richard Eldon Marlin was born November 4, 1942.  He would have been 73 today.  He died suddenly in November, 2005 right after my cousin, Judy, died.  It was a bad week that November.  Richard loved to hunt and here he is at the age of 15 in Missouri, December, 1957.  He and my father and brother were hunting at my Aunt Laura McGrew’s farm, and here is Richard with Aunt Laura’s little dog, Sandy.


  1. I thought I would wait a few days to avoid the emotions but that didn’t seem to help. My mom and dad would have been married 50 years on Saturday November 10th.


    • Yes, It’s an emotional week. First week of November is memorials of birthdays of my brother RIchard, my father and my favorite aunt. Also the memorial of deaths of Richard and our cousin Judy. I was thinking just yesterday that tomorrow would have been Richard and Linda’s 50th anniversary.


  2. What a wonderful photo and such a sad story. The good thing is that you’re still around to tell it. That, I think, is what our loved ones would want. Makes me think of my father and uncles. Thanks.


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