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scan0231bThis postcard was mailed  July 18, 1906 from Bray to a Mrs. Fennell at Spring Hill, Carlow, Ireland.  The message read, “I arrived home safely at 11:30 pm.  This is the house that Mr. Twamley is living in.  Hoping you are all well.  Robert.”  A search for the house in Kingstown in 1906 shows that it was owned by William Fry, who died January 12, 1906 and was part of his estate.”


  1. Martha, Rosetta House (note spelling) is located close to Bullock Harbour and within yards of Bullock Castle. I have posted a modern picture of it on my Dun Laoghaire Wiki site at You will see that the double roof and the windows configuration have been retained up to the present day

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    • Thanks for this information…it’s quite amazing as I thought it had to be somewhere closer to Dun Laoghaire. If memory serves, the card actually said it was located in Kingstown. Even more interesting is that my friends live at No. 6 Breffni Terrace, which is just a short walk down the road from Rosetta House. We walk after dinner in the summer…either to the 40 foot and on toward the Dun Laoghaire Pier or down to Bullock Harbour and on to Coliemore Harbour. I probably have photos of the front of the Rosetta House and didn’t even know it! Will have to take a closer look next time I am in Sandycove.

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      • Martha…. truth is that I presented the question to our group of history sleuths on Dun Laoghaire Past and Present and they love that kind of problem…. solved it within a couple of hours. Dun Laoghaire Past and Present is a members only Facebook group. If you’d like an invitation to join, let me know…. and if you have any more mysteries, we’d love to solve them….. TC

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      • Would love an invitation to the facebook group. Thanks. I pulled out the card and it definitely says Kingstown. Interesting.


      • Martha… I need an email address rather than a WordPress address… Can you email to me at tom.conlon(at)


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