Posted by: marthabernie | December 4, 2015


002This photo was taken in Northern California at the redwoods, when my grandfather, Joseph Eli Shank, was visiting from Missouri in 1938.  Most of his children had moved to California because there was work there, and my parents must have driven from Southern California to Northern California to see him.  Top top left is my uncle, JC McGrew, husband of Aunt Laura Shank McGrew; then Charlie Brammell, husband of Aunt Marge Shank Brammell.  Then my mother, Anna Marie Shank Marlin, and top right end, my grandfather, Joseph Eli Shank.  Front row is Aunt Minnie Flo Shank (before she was married, I think), then Aunt Laura Leona Shank McGrew, Aunt Mable Ada Shank (probably in between husbands), Aunt Marge Shank Brammell, Eleanor McGrew, my cousin and daughter of Laura and JC McGrew, and finally my father, Ray J. Marlin, holding my brother, Larry Ray Marlin.  Note the deer who came up to see if there was anything to eat!  I don’t think my grandfather was ever in California but the one time.


  1. Wow, I don’t know if I have ever seen this photo. Wonderful. Now I must live near where this was taken as I live in Eureka, CA. Does the back of the photo give any indication about where exactly this was taken?


    • Unfortunately, no. I think it may have been in the redwoods north of San Francisco.


  2. What a cute pic with the deer!


    • Yes, there were several with the deer taken that day, but this was the best one! The deer were obviously used to the tourists!

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