Posted by: marthabernie | December 6, 2015

Upper Georges Street, Kingstown (Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin, Ireland

001The dress on the woman on left sidewalk has a long skirt, so I would say this is about 1900-1905.  By Valentine, Dublin.  Many of the buildings are still there today.


  1. Love this. I used to live in Dublin and have such good memories of Dun Laoghaire!


    • It has changed dramatically in the last ten or fifteen years and now that the Holyhead ferry no longer comes to Dun Laoghaire, I fear it will decline further.

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      • I agree! It is lovely but there is something a bit sad about it too.


      • They are trying desperately to bring in new businesses and pump some life into the main street. The shore and harbour are still quite lovely, of course.

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      • Really? Gosh I haven’y been there in about 7 years. Time flies and the changes must have been extreme since then but looking back, the signs were there. 😦


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