Posted by: marthabernie | December 7, 2015


scan0246This photo shows my grandmother’s brother, Lawrence Ferrier, and his wife, Bertie.  Lawrence died young and Bertie remarried a man named Kirby and ended up in California.


  1. At least you were able to have the photo. I know there are ancestors in my family line who moved away and even my parents had no idea where they were – connections gone forever.


    • Yes, that happened a lot, but when you think about it, many people left the place they were born in order to farm in another area after they married and had a family, or to just find work. Around 1900, my family members went to Colorado and NM, and the “Indian Territory” (Oklahoma), some of them returning, some of them staying. By the 1930’s and 1940’s, everyone in my family of a certain age came to California. Dozens of them as it turned out.


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