Posted by: marthabernie | December 8, 2015

BLANCHE BENNETT SHANK and DAUGHTER RUTHENE, Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1930

001bThis photo shows my mother’s aunt, Blanche Bennett Shank, and her daughter, Ruthene Shank.  Taken in 1930 when Ruthene was about three years old.  At this time, they lived in a house that was across the road from the Phillipsburg Schoolhouse in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Blanche’s husband, Ed Shank, was my grandfather’s brother.


  1. Something I find very interesting about your old photos are the unique names of the people. We don’t hear names like these anymore. Of course, they will probably be the next round of “in” names.


    • Yes, the names seem a bit old fashioned now, but every once in awhile I read a name that is so unusual, you wonder how the parents came up with it. When my mother’s youngest baby brother was born in 1921, my grandfather wanted to name him Woodrow Wilson Shank! He died after a couple of months but not before they had named him Joseph Merle, Joseph after his maternal grandfather.


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