Posted by: marthabernie | December 9, 2015

BLANCHE BENNETT SHANK and HUSBAND ED SHANK – Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1925

001cThis was taken about the time Blanche Bennett and John Edward Shank (Uncle Ed or “Banty” as he was called due to his short stature) were married and then lived in Phillipsburg, Missouri.  Blanche was Uncle Ed’s third wife, first wife Bessie Tate having left him (they subsequently divorced) and second wife, Ora Mae Tait, having died.  Ed and Blanche went on to have three children, Harvey Edward, who died shortly after birth, Ruthene and then Donny ten years after Ruthene.


  1. One of Ed’s wives was a cousin of my grandfather’s H.C. Frankeberger, but don’t know which one. I have heard the name Shank off and on when Grandad was alive. Wish I had paid more attention.

    My great grandmother was Samantha Harrill who lived in the Purg.

    Luanna Sparks


    • There were lots of cousins everywhere because the town was so small. I think Uncle Ed had two wives before Blanche Bennett. One was Mae Tait, if memory serves.


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