Posted by: marthabernie | March 7, 2016


Has anyone ever tried poaching salmon or other fish in a plastic bag with herbs?  I generally put my fish and herbs in a foil pouch which is sealed, then I put it in the oven until done.  The steam that is trapped in the foil poaches the fish.  I read the other day that it’s possible to put a piece of fish in a plastic bag with lemon and lime slices, plus herbs, salt and pepper.  Air should be forced out of the bag as much as possible, then the bag put into 140 degree F water for 12 minutes.  I wonder if all plastic bags would hold up to that kind of heat?  I’d also want to be sure the plastic was BPA free.


  1. Sous vide makes bpa-free cooking bags; I haven’t used them for poaching salmon, but they can withstand a fair amount of heat. Worth a try, at least.


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