Posted by: marthabernie | April 8, 2016

Prize Winning Rose

003bThis photo of my mother (Anna Shank Marlin) was taken in the early 60’s.  It was during the time that my father got interested in growing prize winning roses.  Having grown up on a farm, he was an avid hunter and fisherman, so we never really understood the appeal of the rose hobby, but he was quite successful at it, winning many prizes and trophies at large “rose shows”.  I learned more about grandaflora, florabunda and tea roses than I ever wanted to know.  The photo above shows my mother holding a first prize “Peace” bloom.  The photo was taken in our back yard and the wall behind her is the outer wall of the garage, and this had to be spring since the sweet peas were thriving on the runners.  The key to success with this hobby was producing the perfect bloom on the day of the show.  Too early or too late, it didn’t work.  Some people would try refrigerating early blooms, but that didn’t always work either.  My father never tried to do anything other than present the best blooms on the day of the show.  There is an American Rose Society in the U.S., and many, many local groups all over the country.


  1. Your mother is gorgeous 🙂


    • Yes, she and her sisters were very attractive women even as they got older. Until she was in her late 70’s, everyone thought my mother was much younger than she actually was….

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