Posted by: marthabernie | April 13, 2016

Walker River, High Sierras, California 1956

005bWhen I was a child, our family vacations were either trips to Missouri to visit the family there, or we went on 2 and 3 week camping/fishing trips to the High Sierras and other places in California.  My dad took these two photos of my mother while we were camping near the Walker River in the High Sierras.  These trips were hardly a vacation for my mother because she cooked and washed dishes three times a day for all of us, but she always seemed to enjoy it.  She had a camp stove with portable oven and would sometimes bake pies at the camp site!  She also enjoyed all the little critters that visited the campsite, especially the chipmunks.  They either sensed a kindred spirit in her or figured out that she was the source of all the food!  I am not sure which!  But one thing was certain:  she had INCREDIBLE patience, and she would put out food scraps of some sort and then sit and wait for something to come visit.  I tried it several times but was too fidgety, I think.  Here you can see the chipmunk checking out the cantaloupe rinds!


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