Posted by: marthabernie | May 14, 2016

The Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassdor Hotel, Los Angeles, CA – 1952

003This group photo was among those loaned to me by my niece.  Her grandparents, Louis and Betty Bertsch, are seated on the far right.  Her grandmother and step grandfather, Vivian and Volney Jenkins, are on the left side seated 6th and 7th from the front.  Vivian was Betty’s mother.  Written underneath the photo is “The Auto File Sprinkler Gang’s Party, May, 1952.”  Louis Bertsch was employed by this company, which I think was owned by Betty’s family (the Wulff’s), before he went out on his own.  Below is the front of the photo folder which shows the Cocoanut Grove’s logo.  It was a very well known and popular night club in the Ambassador Hotel in mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles.

001Last photo below shows the back of the photo folder where many of the people signed their names.  Some of them are Andy and Arvella Kenz, Dot and Roy Peterson, Thelma and Joe Mendoza, Bob and Myel Wulff, R.H. Wulff, Jim C. Ellis, Georgie Campbell, Gertrude Noble, F.L. Noble, Dorothy Peterson, Dottie and Scott Warwick, Vivian and Volney Jenkins, Pearl Rhodes, U.OL. Rhodes and Warren Church.

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