Posted by: marthabernie | May 25, 2016

Presbyterian Church, Curran, County Derry, Northern Ireland

ireland2014-19While in Northern Ireland in 2014, we drove to the little town of Curran in County Derry.  This place is where my Marlin and Ferrier ancestors came from in the late 1600’s and 1700’s.  By searching land value lists and other documents, I learned that part of them were Presbyterians and others were Church of Ireland.  None were Catholic as far as I know.  The church above is modern, and the gravestones are also modern, but the site goes way back to when there was a Presbyterian meeting house on the land.  Modern burials sometimes turn up more ancient relics but the stones and markers are long gone.  We have to think that at least a few of our ancestors were buried here in the older graveyard.  The Marlins owned the land immediately adjacent to the church (on the lefthand side) and the Ferriers owned the land across the street on the opposite corner.  Both pieces of land are still used for farming and/or grazing.  The view below looks out over the fence to what was once Marlin land.

ireland2014-18Another view of the Presbyterian Church graveyard and former Marlin land in Curran, County Derry, Northern Ireland (behind the hedge).


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