Posted by: marthabernie | May 26, 2016

Former Marlin land, Curran, County Derry, Northern Ireland

ireland2014-16One last view for now of what was previously Marlin land in Curran, County Derry, Ireland.  My Marlin and Ferrier ancestors started coming to America as early as the mid-1600’s from Northern Ireland, and many more followed, ending up in Pennsylvania and in NC and Tennessee; then on to settling about 1820 in Missouri.  Archibald Marlin fought in the Revolutionary War and was granted land in the NC Territory, which became eastern TN.  In 2014 when we traveled to Northern Ireland for the express purpose of finding the area they came from, there were no Ferriers in the phone directory for the whole of Northern Ireland and only one Marlin, who did not live anywhere in this area.  It was interesting to think that with so many of them in Northern Ireland in previous centuries, there are none today.  But both families are all over the United States!


  1. Wow. My great grandparents Mary Ann Hunter and William Marlin left NI and went to Scotland and from there they went to Tasmania in Australia. He was a missionary with the Church of Scotland and they arrived in Tasmania 1886
    I now live in Bairnsdale in Victoria, Australia. I would love to hear from any relations as all I know is that my Great grandfathers father was also William Marlin weaver in the Drumlamph/Mullaghboy area. Mary Ann Hunter’s father was Joseph Hunter and he was a farmer.
    Regards Laurie Marlin long lost descendant trying to connect to the Marlin’s of Curran.


    • The Marlins were still in Curran in the 1850’s and one or two by 1901, but today there is only one Marlin in the phone directory of the whole of NI, and she is nowhere near Curran.


  2. George “Ogey” Marlin owned the Tavern in Curran in the 1700’s, he was one of the original three men who applied for a masonic warrant for the local lodge (Thomas Ferrier was another)


    • Thanks for the information. My Marlins and Ferriers left Northern Ireland as early as the 1600’s but these were no doubt cousins or siblings/descendants. The ones who ended up in Missouri via PA, NC and TN were also Masons.


  3. My great grandmother was a Marlin from Gulladuff in County Derry. She was the daughter of John and Susan Marlin. I live close to Gulladuff today.


    • When we were in Derry in 2014, we looked up Marlin’s in the phone directory and there was a Mrs. Marlin living somewhere outside of Derry. She was the only one. And no Ferrier’s whatsoever. Thanks for the information. The Marlin’s appear to have been in Derry throughout the 1800s and then slowly disappeared.


  4. For those who may be interested there is an active MARLIN FAMILY page on Facebook. It is a Public Group page and there are many good discussions on it.


  5. Hi. Just found this as I’m trying to trace John Marlin who may have married Mary Morrow, and then a potential son pops up in South Carolina saying he’s from Ireland. No luck figuring out if that’s true yet. Thanks for sharing your photos – they’re beautiful!


    • Although there are no Marlins in the area today, and virtually none in Northern Ireland, there were several families of them in and around Derry and Magherafelt and Curran in the late 1600s through late 1800s, then they seem to have all left the area or died out. What time frame are you looking at?


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