Posted by: marthabernie | May 31, 2016

Downtown Philadelphia – June, 2013

P1000048In June, 2013, I took my grandson Conor, then aged 14-1/2, on a road trip.  We flew into Philadelphrough first and then traveled up to Cooperstown, NY to see the Baseball Hall of Fame.  We then came back to Hershey, PA before driving across the state to Gettysburg, and ending in Pittsburgh before we flew home.  We saw both the Phillies and the Pirates play in their home parks.  And of course, Cooperstown was amazing.  I took the photos above and below out the window of the Omni Hotel, which is located in the old part of Philadelphia, just down the block from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.


Below you can seethe top part of Independence Hall in the lower right portion of the image.


This part of Philadelphia is interesting because there are really old buildings right next to new buildings, and the old buildings date from the 1700’s and early 1800’s.  The building below is Philadelphia’s City Hall at Penn Square.  Construction started in 1871, so its’a fairly modern compared to other buildings in the area.



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