Posted by: marthabernie | February 23, 2017


About 16 miles south of Dublin along the Wicklow coast is a little town called Greystones. It was named for a stretch of coastline between two beaches where grey stones were found.  There are a couple places on this part of the Irish coast where the beaches are covered  with stones rather than sand.  It’s a leftover from the Ice Age or some such thing.

What I like about Greystones is that after the tourists go home in the summer, it is a sleepy little town with beautiful views of the Irish Sea, the Wicklow Mountains and Bray Head.  It’s another little place that doesn’t seem to change much.  These three photos were taken on two different trips.


  1. You would be horrified to see it now…


    • I have not been down there in the last few years. Has something changed?


  2. Last visited in summer 2006. Took a cliff walk around the Bray Head from Bray and return. A beautiful little town, stunning walk, wonderful memories.


  3. Greystones beachfront is now a horrible development eyesore.


    • Sorry to hear that. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there.


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