Posted by: marthabernie | March 8, 2017

THE CLARENCE HOTEL – Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland – 2000

003aIn the 1990’s, the area of Dublin called Temple Bar was revitalized and many new businesses were established there.  The Clarence Hotel was purchased by members of the rock band, U2, and it was transformed into a very hip (and expensive) place to have a meal, a drink or spend the night.  It’s an interesting place because it has two entrances…one that is in Temple Bar, and this one, which is on the quays facing the River Liffey.  I took this photo after walking down from Grafton Street (main shopping thoroughfare in downtown Dublin) to meet friends for coffee.  Funny the things you remember years later.  I had gone into Brown Thomas and found that they had put a couple dozen plates in various sizes on sale…all in my Wedgwood pattern, so I grabbed them up.  Then I walked down to Weir’s and ordered the crystal hurricanes to match my Tyrone crystal.  I lugged the plates all the way down to the quays and then lugged them home on the plane!

But back to the Clarence Hotel.  Note the little girl standing inside the door, and the way the buildings across the Liffey are reflected in the glass panes.

If you’d like to take a look at the Temple Bar pub in Temple Bar, here is a link below to which shows the pub 24/7.


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