Posted by: marthabernie | March 22, 2017

Great Uncle Homer Ferrier Family

This is a photo of my grandmother’s brother, Homer Ferrier, and his family.  They lived in Missouri and Homer died at a young age.  His wife’s first name was Louise, and they had three children, Hazel (the oldest girl), Donny and Carolyn.  I think it’s Donny at the bottom right and Carolyn being held by her dad.  By the time I met Hazel, Donny and Carolyn in the mid-60’s, they were all living in and around Baltimore and Washington, DC.  We visited with Carolyn and her family for a couple of days during a road trip east, and we also met up with Aunt Louise (by then remarried but widowed a second time) Adkins and Hazel and Donny.  I was recently contacted by a second cousin on the Marlin side of the family who had come across this blog.  Her dad and my dad were first cousins on the Ferrier side of the family, and also more distant cousins a few times removed on the Marlin side of the family.  My grandmother’s sister, Pearl Ferrier, married Gus Marlin and they had many children.  My grandmother, Dulcie Ferrier, married Walter Elbert Marlin, a cousin of Gus Marlin.  My second cousin sent this photo and another one I will post tomorrow of some of the Ferrier relations.   The Marlins were original settlers in what became Webster County, Missouri in about 1830 near what would become the town of Marshfield.  The Ferriers came shortly after to the area and settled nearby in what became Dallas County, though  eventually the kids mostly went to school at the Pack School in what became Laclede County (where the three counties come together).

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