Posted by: marthabernie | June 25, 2018


P1010405aThis is the Ballymaloe Cookery School which is located about a mile or two from Ballymaloe House.  Ballymaloe House has two restaurants and a shop in addition to the house which does B&B for guests.  The cookery school is located on the farm where Darina and Tim Allen live, and there is a shop in the front of this building, the school kitchen being behind the shop.   Their house is to the right of what you see in this photo.

If you look carefully at this photo behind the right wooden planter box, you may be able to see the white haired head of a small woman who appeared to be looking at or picking something that was growing in that planter.  It wasn’t until she stepped to her right that I got a better look at her and realized it was Myrtle Allen herself.  Since they all live and work on both properties mentioned here (and other nearby properties), the Allen Family are often seen by the tourists and visitors, and they are a friendly bunch.  My first time staying at Ballymaloe House, I went out to the shop to discover someone going in with a key.  She informed me the shop was closed but she was just “popping in” to get something; she disappeared inside and then came out carrying a couple of jars of something.  She told me the shop would open at 9 the next morning.  I didn’t realize until later that it was Darina Allen herself.

Anyway, a took a second photo, and you can get only a slightly better look at Myrtle in the image below.



  1. Myrtle Allen is truly the doyenne of modern Irish cuisine. My grandfather was a friend of her husband Ivan. Grandad repaired Ivan’s tractors when they broke down!


  2. what a lovely corner of the world! I could totally lock myself away here and just cook! x


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