Posted by: marthabernie | September 23, 2018


I got an email from Ancestry DNA yesterday saying that due to more samples and more information about WHERE certain DNA resided and originated from….that my DNA results had changed.  I was shocked to learn that my 86% English had been lowered to 69% and that my Irish has been raised from 2% to 27%.  At first I thought they had changed groupings, and while Irish Scottish and Welsh were grouped together on the first report, only Welsh was moved to the English category in this second report.  I guess this proves that DNA is not an exacting science when searching for origins.  Two other people I know went and checked their results and they had changed a little bit (one person getting 1% Native American), but they were not notified by Ancestry DNA of the change.  Maybe they are starting with the people who have substantial changes.  Anyway, I was disappointed when I got the first results… as 2% Irish was a lot lower than I expected.  After all, I FEEL Irish…LOL.    Twenty-seven percent seems better, somehow.

If you got your DNA results done by Ancestry awhile ago, you might want to go in and look.  They show the old results and then the new, updated results as well.

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