Posted by: marthabernie | September 25, 2018

Conway Missouri Baskketball Team Dinner and Turner Family Photo From Phillipsburg, MO

By Ron Turner
The Conway basketball picture (above) shows the team and the boosters in December 1947, two years after Conway won the Missouri state basketball championship. This shot captures the leaders of Conway including Nolan Rutledge the school superintendent, Dr. John Lindsay, the Conway physician, Doc Smith the dentist, the Warren brothers who owned the dry goods store, Ralph Crass who owned the local telephone exchange, Mr Wheeler the MFA Exchange manager, Clarence Rader who with Gladys Brooks Rader owned Brooks hardware, Barney Harris who owned Harris Cafe where the dinner occurred, Dave McShane who ran the gas station with Barney, Lloyd Turner who owned the grocery store, Dennis Reaves lumberyard owner, my uncle George Boyd who worked at Brooks hardware, Clyde Ruble the basketball coach, Bill Wilkerson the Conway Ford dealer and members of the team.

This shows my grandfather Elbert Turner with his brother Joseph Lemuel Turner with their half sisters Missouri and Mary Frazier. My great grandfather Sanford Turner who served in the Union Army, married Confederate war widow Caroline Stone Frazier, the young mother of little Missouri and Mary, who moved with their mother to Phillipsburg shortly after the Civil War. This picture was taken in the late 1920’s.

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