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Cumberland Presbyterian Church Congregation, Phillipsburg Missouri 1906

UPDATE (10-7-18):  Ron Turner has identified the following in the photo:  I believe the young man near the top center in the black derby is my grandfather Elbert Turner. to his right is his new bride Iva, to her right is Annie Senn, to her right stands CL Senn. I Believe  Thelma is standing directly in front of CL. If Evert and Roy Senn are there I cannot identify them.

Thanks for sharing this photo!


This is a photo taken of the congregation at the Phillipsburg, Missouri Cumberland Presbyterian Church circa 1906-07.  This was my mother’s family’s church, and while she had not been born yet, none of the family made it into the photo as they were all sick at home the Sunday this was taken.

Front row: John McMenus is holding daughter Francie seated on the right, and her sister, Reba, is seated third from left end.  Second from left was their cousin, Loreta McMenus, and her brother, Leo, seated fifth from the left end.  Next row, seated in chair, the second couple from the left are Benjamin Franklin McFarland and his wife, Nancy Jane McMenus McFarland.  Then the next couple going right, I believe, are John Wesley Smith and his 4th wife, Fidelia Mariah Wait Smith.  He was my great great grandfather, and I think it’s him because his eyes and ears are very similar to those in an older tintype I have, taken when he was a young man.

Back left standing is Margaret Moore McMenus and her father next to her, Mr. Moore.  Standing in the back at the very top is WIlliam G. McMenus (with the handlebar moustache) and four over from him in white dress is his wife, Minnie Brasier McMenus.

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