Posted by: marthabernie | October 12, 2018

Easter, Phillipsburg Missouri – About 1930


10//10/2018 UPDATE:  Have gotten more information to update the teenagers in this photo.  Second girl, back row, left end is Mag Rich,  next to her going right are Amzi Wills, Hurschal Cossey, George Cossey, one of the Rich boys.  Starting at the right end, going left, back row, Luther Crabaguh, Inez Wills Crabaugh, my mother Anna Shank Marlin, and one of the Clyde boys.  Fron row, little girl on left end is Berniece Rich.  Virgil Shank standing with legs spread directly behind the pot, popping an egg into his mouth.

Not sure how this photo was taken, someone obviously had to have a flash camera, one that would light up the entire group.  Near Easter each year when my mother was growing up, the smaller kids always had “egg roasts” during the day.  Not sure why they were called roasts since the eggs were boiled over a wood fire in a bucket or open pan.  When the older kids outgrew the daytime roasts, they held them at night.  This was probably about 1930 or 1931, and that’s my mother fourth from the right, wearing the dark hat and fur/fake fur collar.  The boy in the cap who is standing directly behind the boiling bucket looks like it could be her younger brother, Virgil.

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