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This photo is of my grandfather, Walter Elbert Marlin, his wife, Dulcie Ferrier Marlin, and their son (my dad) Ray J. Marlin.  Based on my dad’s age (about 8 or 9), I have estimated the date as 1920-21, and they would have been living in Aledo, Illinois.  My father was born in Conway, Missouri, but after a year or two, the family went to Illinois to farm.  They returned to Conway about ten years later.  My grandfather was always called Elbert rather than Walter.  He seems to have some sort of pin on his left lapel, but I cannot discern what it is and if he was a member of a lodge or something like that, the information was never passed down in the family.  My grandmother is wearing a locket that Elbert gave her very early in their relationship.  We still have it.  She always had two tiny photos in it….one of Elbert before they married, he is very young and smoking a pipe (it’s here on the blog) and then a tiny photo of my dad when he was just a few months old.  I have posted this photo before with a little bit of information of my dad but wanted to give it its own posting.

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