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UPDATE 10/10/18:  More information on those in the photo.  In addition to what is below:  First row, left ro right, seated, Luther Letterman, Leonard Payne, Frank Stever and John Graham.  Second row, left ro right, Durward Wilhite, Cecil Long, Charles Ferrier, Raymond Day, Reba Harvey, Mildred Letterman, Inez Haymes, Nora Daugherty, Junior King, Blanche Daugherty, Iva Pack, Ira Letterman and Leon Davidson.  Third row, Gladys Graham, Ralph Stever, Bernard Daugherty, Iris Forgey, Evelyn Robinson, Murtle Payne, Alice King and Audie Pack.  Fourth row, Mary Ann Ferrier, Ray Marlin, Edward Stever, Ulysses Young, Hallie Day and the last one on the right is unidentified girl.


As I’ve mentioned before, the Pack School west of Conway served three counties.  Students from Laclede, Dallas and Webster Counties seem to have gone there due to its location near the point where the counties come together.  This photo was taken in 1926.

The teacher was Fred Cowan, he is standing at the top right.  My father, Ray Marlin, is second from the left end of the top row (see inset below).  His cousin, Mary Ann Ferrier, is standing next to him on the end (also see inset).  Their cousin, Charles Ferrier (see second inset), is third from the left in the second row from bottom.  Note how the little boys in front are sitting on a ladder, or is that the way they stepped up to the steps of the small porch?  Maybe it was put there, or built there, to keep them out of the mud at the bottom of the steps…?

Also in the photo are children from the Letterman, Payne, Stever, Graham, Wilhite, Long, Day, Harvey, Haymes, Daugherty, King, Pack, Davidson, Forgey, Robinson, and Young families.  If you would like a copy of this photo, please contact me.


  1. it is really amazing that you have these photos.


  2. I am looking for information on my family. I am related to Allen & Charles Day from Marshfield, Fair Grove area. Also Laura Haymes Wheeler was my Great Grandmother, also from this area. I do know that Spencer Marlin was part of my family. Any information you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Susan Wheeler Davis


    • I don’t have information on the Day family or Haymes family either, but Spencer Marlin was my great great grandfather. Thomas Marlin (his father) settled in what is now WEBSTER County Missouri in 1820, coming from Sumner County, TN; Thomas Marlin’s father was Archibald Marlin, who fought in the revolutionary war and was given land in NC territory, which became eastern TN, as a result of his service; he married Martha Ferrier and they had a dozen or more children. The Marlins came out of Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1600’s and settled in PA; another family settling there at the time were the Ferriers; Marlins married Ferriers and went south, then west with them. From 1600’s to 1820, they left PA, went to NC, then TN and finally Missouri. My grandmother was Dulcena Ferrier, who married Walter Elbert MArlin. We are probably cousins, though Spencer Marlin had four wives before he finally married a widow, Rebecca Hearndon Bruton and had many children. The St. Luke Cemetery outside of Marshfield is full of Haymes people, and the Day’s were a little further north past Forkner’s Hill. YOU might also look at records for the Graham Cemetery which is over the line into Dallas County as there are Ferriers and Days buried there, if memory serves. Hope this helps.


    • Check out my October 13 an October 18 posts, 2012.


  3. I’m looking for more information on Pack School we bought the property in 2006 and have always wondered about the old school on the property. Would like to know when it started and when it ended or anything you can give us on it. Thank Shelly


    • I don’t really know much more, just have the photos. You might check with the museum research room in Marshfield or the Laclede County Historical Society; or the Lebanon Daily Record historian, as they probably have information. My Ferrier family actually lived in Dallas County, but I think the school was in Laclede County and seemed to have kids from Conway as well as Dallas.


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