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UPDATE 10-13-18:  Here is some information from Ron Turner regarding one or two people in this photo, so I am updating and reposting, from Ron:

I believe Iva Senn is the girl fourth from the left standing next to the one in the plaid dress in the group of children on the right side. Iva would have been 7 years old. I cannot identify other Senns, but I believe CL may be one of the men with a dark mustache.  He was not tall, in fact he was shorter than Annie. My dad said when cL walked with Annie, he took 2 strides to her one just to keep up.

This is another photo that came from my great aunt, Anna L. McMenus Forkner Tweddell.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.  It is clearly a church dinner group, taken about 1893.  It is most likely the Cumberland Presbyterian Church congregation of Phillipsburg, Missouri, but since Aunt Annie and family lived in Conway, it could be another group also.  I have put insets below, and I think the one of Aunt Annie and husband, Lon Forkner, also has her mother, Rebecca Frances Smith McMenus, seated in front of her, but the image is not clear.  And if it is Aunt Frank (as she was known), then where is her husband?  The man standing on the right end looks like Annie’s uncle, her father’s brother, Eli McMenus, who did live near Conway.  The man in the back row toward the left with the dark moustache looks like Mr. Moore, the father of Margaret Moore, who went on to marry John McMenus, a decade later.  But the photo was taken at too great a distance to know for sure.  Even if Aunt Annie and family usually went to church in Conway, it was not unusual for families to visit other churches on Sunday.  So this photo is a mystery except for Aunt Annie and her family.  Daughter Ethyl appears to be missing from the photo.  The other three kids are accounted for.

001aThis photo inset is of Aunt Annie’s daughter, Ednah.

007bbbThis is Aunt Annie with husband, Lon Forkner, behind her on the right in the striped tie.  I believe her mother is seated in front of her in the dark dress, Rebecca Frances “Aunt Frank” Smith McMenus.

007bbThis is Aunt Annie’s oldest son, Oscar Forkner.

007bbbbThis is Little Ray, or Raymond Irl Forkner, the youngest child of Annie and Lon Forkner.  There were not many photos taken of him as he died in 1900 at the age of nearly 8 probably from pneumonia, and he appears to be about 2 or 3 here, so that is how I have dated the photo to  about 1895.

Have not been able to identify daughter Ethyl in the photo.


  1. Such a cool photo of the congregation dinner!


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