Posted by: marthabernie | October 15, 2018

UNKNOWN CHURCH GROUP – Laclede County, Missouri circa 1910-1912


UPDATE 10-13-18:  Here is the photo with four Senn family members identified and we have determined that this is probably the Phillipsburg Methodist Church congregation:

NOTE 9-24-2018:  Since I am posting other Senn/Turner family information as it relates to Laclede County, Missouri and the Phillipsburg/Conway area, I am reposting this earlier entry today.  Read to the bottom for more information on who is in the photo.

NOTE 9-21-17:  See comments at the bottom of the page for an update on some of the people in the photo.  I do believe that this photo came from the Moore side of Aunt Mag’s family, as I have now pretty much confirmed that they were members of the Phillipsburg Methodist Church.  And a Senn/Turner descendant has identified (see below) Christian Senn and his daughter Iva.  Thank you for the information, Ron!  The man in the photo is definitely not Mr. Moore but Mr. Senn!  And I would suspect that this is a Phillipsburg Missouri Methodist Church congregation group photo!

This is is another photo given to me by my second cousin, Stormye Harrill Barnett.  She did not recognize anyone in the photo, and it has been a quandary to me for years.  It looks to be a church group rather than a school group, but no McMenus cousins appear in the photo.  The only possibility is that it came from the Moore side of the family, Stormye’s grandmother being Margaret Moore McMenus (Aunt Mag).  The man in the back row on the left end resembles Aunt Mag’s father, but I believe he attended the Cumberland Presbyterian Church as he appears in the Cumberland congregation photo taken about 1908.  I have taken the two insets and put them below.  Same man?




  1. The gentleman in the closeup appears to be Christian Senn , my great grandfather, who owned Silver Lake Mill and the bank in Phillipsburg. I believe his daughter Iva Caroline Senn is the young lady in the black hat on the right side, fourth from the end of the row. She would have been 22 at the time.


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