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This photo was sent to me by Ron Turner of Missouri.  It shows the Phillipsburg, Missouri School in 1920.  Note all the flags!  Ron’s father, Woodson Senn Turner, is sitting on the ground, fourth from the right.  He believes my cousin, Leslie McMenus, is sitting seventh from the right, but I cannot tell if it is Leslie or not.  Most of the other McMenus cousins who lived in the town were out of school by this time, but I am sure there are relatives there somewhere.  Warren and Billy McMenus were in school in 1920, and it may be Warren holding the flag at the top right in overalls, but again, not sure.   My mother’s  family lived west of Phillipsburg and went to the Union School, so they are not in this photo.  Thanks to Ron Turner for sending it.


  1. Your blog was recommended to me a year or so ago for Phillipsburg history. I live on Pearl Street in “Greasy” Harrill’s old house (the town barber). My husband and I have remodeled the house and are always on the lookout for old photos of our home which was built in 1907. If you happen to know of anyone with photos that have our home in them (even just in the background), we would love to see them! Sincerely, Cathy Smith

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    • I don’t think I have any old pictures of the houses in town except for the McMenus houses on the other side of the railway tracks. But I have started posting family history stuff again recently and will let you know if I come across anything. Thanks for stopping by.


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