Posted by: marthabernie | October 19, 2018

CHARLES FERRIER FAMILY – Dallas County, Missouri

I have posted this photo previously.  The people from the left:  (inset photo of daughter Victoria later in life), Charles Ferrier holding dog, Ida Alice standing next to older woman in chair who we believe to be Charles’ mother, Mary Castinger Ferrier; then Sarah Evelyn Forkner Ferrier holding daughter, Nancy (Nannie) Lea; the two boys standing are Joe Barrett Ferrier and on the end is John C. Ferrier.  The two girls right front are Pearl Irene Ferrier in the dark dress and her sister, my grandmother, Dulcena (Dulcie) Ferrier Marlin holding her doll.  Not yet born were Homer, Lawrence and Lourinda Mae Ferrier.  Since Nannie was born in May, 1894, I am guessing that this photo was taken toward the end of l895.  It looks like there could be skiffs of snow on the ground, though no one is wearing a coat.  Only mother Mary has a scarf on her head.  Below is a list of all the children in the Charles Ferrier Family with their birthdates; this is written in my grandmother Dulcie’s handwriting and has notes at the bottom that my mother added about the birth and death years and age at death of “Uncly Charley” and Aunt Ev” Ferrier.  This list is followed by a scan of the reverse of the paper where my mother added the names of each of the children and the name of the spouse.  Ida Ferrier married Sam Day; Joe Ferrier married Dora Rhoten; Victoria Ferrier married Ollie Newman; John Ferrier married Roxie Shook; Pearl Ferrier married Gus Marlin; Nannie Ferrier married Gayford Harvey; Dulcie Ferrier married Walter Elbert Marlin; Homer Ferrier married Louise_____; Lawrence Marlin married Bertie Robinson; Mae Ferrier married Herschel Mikkelson.

Here is a photo of Uncle Charley and Aunt Ev Ferrier taken in 1939, not too long before he died.  They are standing in front of the little log cabin they lived in when they were first married.  When they outgrew this little house, they built the larger home which is in the background of the photo at the top here.


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