Posted by: marthabernie | March 19, 2020

ANNA SHANK MARLIN – Wrightwood, California 1975 (and a report on the Corona virus)

I now live in Simi Valley, California (that’s Ventura County) and while we have only a  few cases of the Corona virus to date, we are close enough to Los Angeles County that I anticipate the cases will start to increase soon.  Also, people work and go to school in LA County and commute–it’s just a matter of time.  So our household is self isolating and/or working at least part time from home.  The kids are all out of school and it makes for interesting times.  I have many, many projects to work on while I am staying home 24/7, including putting more photos up on this site, family and otherwise.  The photo above is my mother, Anna Shank Marlin (1915-1999),  after she moved into the new house she built in Wrightwood, California in 1975.    My niece sent me this photo; they had gone to visit  and it appears they brought her two 2-lb boxes of See’s Candy also!  See it on the counter?  The stuff she has on the counter is interesting because while she always had things on counters, tables and surfaces, I don’t remember there being quite that much clutter.  Ever.  Especially the pump bottles against the wall.  I see the Desert Rose cookie jar under the hanging roll of paper towels under the top cabinet, and the top of the tea cosy that covered her teapot next to the pitcher, but otherwise it looks like she’s been invaded.    Must have been Christmas or Thanksgiving when she had a lot of family in the house.

The backstory is that as my father approached retirement age, they decided to buy a piece of property in the mountains and build a house when he officially retired in 1977.  They picked out the lot and purchased it, then my father got sick and stopped working until he passed away in 1974 from heart disease, age 61.  My mother, who did not ever drive, decided to go ahead with the building of the house and officially moved in with her St. Bernard, Polly, during September, 1975.  She lived there until l989 when Parkinsons Disease made it impossible for her to deal with the stairs, ice and snow and she returned to the LA area.

I have been retired, or semi-retired, since 2014, so staying home is not new to me, self isolating is not a real hardship;  I made a major shopping expedition to stock up on the things I know I will need in the next 30 days, including extra cat food, and now I am in for the duration…or at least 30 days or so.   I have no real reason to go out.   And I no longer live alone, so it’s not as if I don’t have other people to help out or rely on.  But I wonder how many of my projects will get worked on….?  LOL.  When I worked full time, it seemed like I got more discretionary stuff done.  Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?   I am going to attempt to work on the family cookbook and other projects, including this site.  And as for cooking and baking….we’ve done more in the past week than in the preceding 3 months!  I found a can of pineapple slices and made a pineapple upside down cake, the first one in years!

And about the extra cat food….watch for my next post.


  1. I’m glad you got the cat food. Self isolating? Basically I’ve been purposely doing this at The Holler for a long time now. Stay safe and I am glad it seems you will.


  2. PS- Oh, yes. When I worked I did a million things a day, and never really noticed.


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