Posted by: marthabernie | April 15, 2021

PHILLIPSBURG SCHOOL, Phillipsburg, Missouri about 1910

This is a photo of the Phillipsburg School children and teachers, Phillipsburg, Missouri, taken about 1910. My mother’s cousins lived in or near the little town and went to this school, while my mother (Anna Shank Marlin) grew up about 5 miles west and went to the Union School, the property for which had been donated in the late 1800s. It sat on the corner of the farm where the Shank family lived for many, many years. In this photo, cousin Loreta McMenus (Chandler) is in the third row from the front, on her knees, second from the left end in a plaid dress. Her brother Leo McMenus, is in the first row standing, fourth row from the front. Starting on the right, count in six people (past the two teachers and three older girls standing) and Leo is the first boy wearing a hat, next to the boy going left who is also wearing a hat. Back to the front, second row, third girl in from the left, with pig tails and wearing a locket in a dark dress with lace trim is cousin Reba McMenus. Loreta and Leo were the children of William G. and Minnie (Brasier) McMenus and Reba the daughter of John Francis and Margaret (Moore) McMenus. Willie McMenus owned and ran a general store in Phillipsburg and brother, John McMenus was the station master for the St. Louis and Frisco LIne Railway, which was headquartered in Springfield, MO. Willie and John were the older brothers of my mother’s mother, Inez McMenus Shank.

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