Posted by: marthabernie | April 16, 2021

PHILLIPSBURG SCHOOL, Phillipsburg, Missouri, 1922

SCHOOL< Phillipsburg, Missouri – 1922

This is a school photo taken in September, 1922 at the Union School in Phillipsburg, Missouri. The school was located on a corner of the farm property where my mother and her brothers and sisters grew up, about 5 miles west of the little town. I have a copy of this photo somewhere with all the names on the back side, my mother having identified everyone, but this copy does not have that information. I am including below the boy holding the slate, showing the school name and the date; also insets of my mother and her younger brother, Virgil, and also her older sisters Minnie and Marguerite (Marge) along with their childhood friend, Delia Rich (Hill). There are other Rich children and Clyde family children here, but that’s as much as I remember until I find the other photos. If memory serves, the teacher (standing right end) was Bessie Muncy.

Anna Marie Shank (Marlin) and her brother Virgil Earl Shank.

Boy holding slate showing name of school and date, September 26, 1922.

Marguerite Lydia Frances Shank (Brammell) (Truitt) and Delia Rich (Hill)

Minnie Flo Shank (Greninger)

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