Posted by: marthabernie | April 14, 2014


I have no idea why this is called Presbyterian Pudding.  It certainly is interesting…I wonder if they made it in winter and cooled it in the midwest snow!  Sort of like a bread pudding without the eggs and milk!  Someone asked me the other day why these are called puddings when they are not anything like puddings as we know them; I think this comes from the English and Irish derivations where a lot of “desserts” were called puddings.  Also, it may have something to do with simply baking or cooking anything with liquid, but not 100% sure.  Can anyone out there clarify?


Stew prunes or any small fruits, sweeten to taste and while boiling hot put in a few thin slices of good light bread; when the bread is saturated with boiling juice put the bread and fruit in alternate layers in a deep dish, leaving a thick layer of fruit for the top.  Put a plate on top and when cool, set on ice or where it will get real cold.  Serve with sugar and cream.  Whipped cream is delicious.

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