Posted by: marthabernie | October 18, 2015

UPDATE ON BLACKROCK PARK – Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland

004aThis is an early image taken in County Dublin Ireland.  It came with a group of other images from the Monkstown, Salthill, Seapoint, and Blackrock area but it does not seem familiar to me.  At first I thought it might be Stephens Green in downtown Dublin, but there are no buildings in the distance.  There is a park in Blackrock (Blackrock Park) which I have never really explored at great length, so it may be there, but I am not sure.  The park is right on the Irish Sea, but perhaps this is a backwater of sorts?  Anyway, it’s Ireland, County Dublin, but I have no idea exactly where it was taken other than that it came with a bunch of images from the Blackrock area.  Looks to be about 1900 to 1905.

October, 2013 UPDATE:  When I was in Ireland earlier this month, I got a chance to take a look at Blackrock Park and I think this early image was taken there.  It was an overcast day and raining off and on.  However, I was able to get a quick look in order to identify this photo.  The park was changed, and there is a DART station at the bottom near the Irish Sea, but you can still see the contours of the paths.


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