Posted by: marthabernie | July 5, 2015

ROOM WITH A VIEW – Philadelphia

philadelphia 1My grandson and I went to Philadelphia and other places a couple of years ago.  We flew to Philadelphia and stayed at the Omni Hotel, which is in the Old Town part of the city, right across the street from Independence Park and just steps away from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.  Conor’s phone is an old one and does not take very good photos, so he was constantly using my new phone to take photos and send Instagram messages to his friends, chronicling our travels.  He took this photo out the window of the Omni Hotel one afternoon.  The building at the lower right is the old bank building that was the Second Bank of the United States (the first bank being a few blocks away).  This bank was chartered from 1817 to 1836 and was structured similarly to the first bank, which was designed by Alexander Hamilton.   Conor had studied about Andrew Jackson closing down the banks during his presidency, a period known as The Bank Wars, and this bank was one of them.  The building is now part of the Independence National Park and houses an art collection.  It is open to the public daily, free of charge.

Conor took the photo below as we were getting ready to board the airplane for Philadelphia at LAX.  You can see the LAX air traffic control tower in the background.  The U.S. Airways flight was direct but it was not a lot of fun.  Not only was their W-Fi service not working on the plane, they informed us that they have no inflight entertainment on domestic flights and haven’t had any for nearly ten years.  No audio, no music, no movies, no screens.  It was a very long 5-1/2 hour flight!  Won’t fly U.S. Airways again if I can avoid it!



  1. How nice to be able to take a trip with your grandson!


    • Yes, but he’s getting a little old to travel with “grandma” now…nearly 15. I am going to have to dangle something a little more enticing next year, I think!


  2. I always prefer Southwest if I can take them. fun trip!!


  3. Try Delta next time you fly across the country. We switched from “US Scare” several years ago and are very happy with Delta!


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