Posted by: marthabernie | August 9, 2015

Ewart Linen Mill, Belfast, Northern Ireland – 1905

scan0125bBelfast was famous for its fine fabrics for several centuries, the English transplanting English citizens to the north of Ireland and setting up the factories.  Here the men are pulling bundles of flax fibres over hatchels to make the fibres suitable for spinning.  This is from a 1905 stereoview card.  The view below is also at the Ewart Linen Mill in the spinning room.



  1. I think the number of buildings and address near Belfast with ‘Linen’ or ‘Linenhall’ in the name bears testament to the importance of the linen trade in days gone by. Lovely photos.


    • There were also a lot of shirt factories at the time, no doubt using a lot of the fabric made locally.


      • As a young girl in post-war Newtownards, my mother got her first job sewing handkerchiefs in a factory (since closed of course). Also, Walkers Mill in that town was the biggest provider of work for local women as far as I can tell from her stories.


      • So much has changed in the last 50 or 60 years.


  2. My mothers family all worked in ewarts linen factory. They lived in a terrace house in Disraeli street,built to house the factory workers. The hours were long, the pay poor. The Cunningham family, who owned the mill, lived in a large house on the glencairn estate.


    • I guess people were glad to have any job when work was so scarce.


    • I also Iam born and bread in Belfast my sister and I both worked in Ewarts linen mill my mother my granny and her mum way back in the early 1900s we lived in Ewarts Row on till 1968 in the kitchen house Iam looking for old photos of Ewarts Mill the front of it were the clock and the gates were for my niece in Canada I wonder does anyone have a frontline that I could get a copy thank you


      • This is the only photo I have, sorry. You might want to try searching on eBay to see if something comes up.


  3. Iam only interested in Ewarts Mill my sister and I worked in Ewarts my mother my granny and her mummy we lived in Ewarts Row one of Ewarts houses I am looking for a front view or front picture of the clock and gates if anyone has a picture like that could I have a copy please


    • My mum also worked in Ewarts Mill , her name wasJean Larmour.


      • My mum also lived in Ewarts Row think it was 103 or 95.


  4. Wondering if anyone was working at the mill around 1963 to 1967 and would remember Marion Moore who worked in the office


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