Posted by: marthabernie | June 25, 2017

RAY MARLIN – Early 1914 – 43rd Anniversary of His Death


6-25-2017:  Today is the 43rd anniversary of my father’s death in 1974 so I am re-posting this photo of him as a toddler because it is one of my favorites.  He died young, only 61 years old, from heart disease.

Original Post:   This is my father, Ray Marlin, taken in early 1914, when he was about 15 months old.  This photo was put on a postcard for mailing, and my grandmother sent it to her sister, Pearl Ferrier Marlin, in Conway, MO.  Postmarked March, 1914 in Marshfield, MO,  it was obviously before my father’s family packed up and moved to Aledo, Illinois for several years.  His hair was black as a child and later as an adult, so it’s interesting to see that it was so light when he was a baby!  This is also the photo that my grandmother had in the locket I was looking at recently.  She cut out his face to fit the round locket.




  1. Was he the first grandchild? Sounds like he was special to her.


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